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Auto blade bending machine

  • TSD-810 creasing rule cutting machine
TSD-810 creasing rule cutting machine

TSD-810 creasing rule cutting machine

  • Cutting line thickness:0.71mm/1.05mm/1.42mm
  • Cutting line height:22-25.4mm
  • Place of Origin:Guangdong, China
  • HS CODE:8456110090
  • Product description: creasing rule cutting machine

Functions and usage:
1.Use coil cutting rule and cutting line, it can save materials.
2.Double rolling knife flywheel design, it can time of replacing materials.
3.Self-developed control software, easy operation and easy learn.
4.Its matched with TSD automatic bender machine into same computer to save labor.
After-sales service:
1.English-speaking engineer is available for installation and training under buy’s cost around 5 days.
2.English software, installation and related training instructions and videos are available for end-users.
3.In case of any problems or questions about laser technology you can always refer to TSD Laser.
4.With our customer-orientated service support, maintenance and repair costs will be kept low.
5.One year guarantee for machine is promised.


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